21322 pirates of barracuda bay

It includes a pirate headquarters that can be rebuilt into The Black Seas Barracuda, 10 Minifigures and pieces. The set was only sold on LEGO.

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On his submission he wrote of his love for classic themes like Pirates and how that inspired him to create this model. On March 3rdthe submission was given the 10, votes needed to become a part of the review process.

The set was officially revealed on March 24th The submission model was a modular pirate fortress based inside of crashed pirate ship. It featured multiple lookout decks, rooms for the pirates, hidden treasure, and a canteen. Unlike the finalized set, this model was not designed to be rebuilt into a finished pirate ship. The submission included 7 minifigures, 1 monkey, 1 scorpion, 3 crabs, 3 hens, two pigs, 3 parrots, a shark, and a dog.

Official Pirates sets Forbidden Island and Shipwreck Hideout feature shipwreck pirate hideouts and no doubt inspired the submission. The finalized model varies significantly from the concept model.

Originally, this set was a pirate outpost that while still featuring ship detailing kept these details fairly minimal. It had a Reddish Brown and Green color scheme which was much simpler than that used in the final model.

21322 pirates of barracuda bay

The final model deals heavily with the shipwreck aspect and uses this in order to incorporate the alternate build. The design of the box art is inspired by the box art for Black Seas Barracuda.

Each section is loosely joined to the island and can be easily removed. The island features a statue head that appears similar to the one featured in King Kahuka's Throne. A majority of the pieces of this set go into the construction of the Black Seas Barracuda.

The sections of the ship can easily be detached from the Barracuda bay build. However, not all pieces needed for the ship build are used in the initial Barracuda Bay Build.

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Two of the sails, as well as the parts to connect the sails are extra parts from the initial island build. Enjoy some calm, quality time alone building — or share the fun with others. This set includes an island that can be split in half and rearranged.

The shipwreck can also be dismantled and reassembled to make a ship inspired by the Black Seas Barracuda pirate ship LEGO model from Fan-tastic ideas! Inspired by real life, action heroes, iconic movies, popular TV series or totally original concepts, there are cool model kits for people of all ages.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?What makes a LEGO set great for adults? Is it the subject matter, something that makes a cool display piece for your den or office?

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You may remember the last few Pirates themes from and But beyond some broad thematic strokes guards vs pirates, etc they had little tie-in to the classic theme that ran frommuch the same as Space Police III had almost no connection with I and II.

This set, however, is determined to get straight back to where it all started. The set was so popular that it was among the first sets for LEGO to ever re-release, with a nearly unaltered version briefly gracing store shelves again in Pirates of Barracuda Bay is a continuation of the original theme.

But perhaps best yet, the set can build either the shipwrecked BSB or the fully rigged, ready-to-sail version. As I mentioned, the box with its yellow frame and diagonal stripe is sure to awaken the nostalgia of adults who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s.

Around back, the box art imitates a treasure map, again drawing on classic Pirates box art for inspiration. At 2, pieces, the box is one of the largest standard sizes, comparable to large Creator Expert modulars like Assembly Square. There are 27 bags across 15 bag numbers, plus three more unnumbered bags of large elements.

Also included is a bag with the sails, packed with a thin piece of cardboard to ensure they stay flat, as well as the instructions and two loose long Technic axles. As usual for sets from the Ideas line, the page instruction manual introduces the set and the key figures in its development. The book also includes in-universe backstory on the pirates, as well as a full introduction to the crew, each of which is now named.

New colors for existing elements, however, are very much on the table, and we get a handful here. Below is a picture of the palm leaf with lime green a current color which is also included in this set and standard green. First up is the cow horn, which has been absent sinceand only ever appeared in white in two sets and two Collectible Minifigure characters. The barrel is a pretty simple story. Someone else created that barrel in black for their [upcoming LEGO set].

I liked it, so I stole it. The island is constructed in two halves, with the right side being built first.

21322 pirates of barracuda bay

This side holds the mid-section of the BSB, which has been turned into an inn by the enterprising survivors. The base is built on large medium azure plates, overlaid with tan quarter-circle slopes, which appear in that color for the first time. The tan slopes do an excellent job of creating the sandy shores of the island refuge.

Continuing on adds a few palm trees. You can also see here the wood foundation for the ship, which is where the mid-section will slot in, clipping to the rocks on the right. The classic BSB had almost no interior to speak of, with an open hold and a few cannons inside. Not so here, with the updated BSB sporting a full, detailed interior.

I say assemble, because many of the classic mast extension elements are also out of production. The end result actually seems to be stronger than the classic masts, and allows more flexibility in the placement of the yards, so it feels more like an upgrade than a compromise. The exterior of the ship is plastered with debris and foliage to help it blend into the island and give it weathering appropriate to its year rest on dry land.

I did die a little inside when the instructions called for me to take the beautifully pristine sails and furl them. The second half of the island follows the same method, but with a much larger permanent dock section.

The next piece of the ship to be assembled is the fore segment. The interior details on the fore section are sparse, with a simple table and some storage bins. The exterior detailing is where this section really comes to life.Available now. The cannon fires small cannonballs at any passing ships. Crew members Port and Starboard keep things ship-shape. Bottles of rum and tales of pirate gold never run dry. Where Redbeard charts a course or maps a treasure hunt. Find surprises from buried statues to palm trees filled with coconuts.

Row a boat in shark-infested seas if you dare. Enjoy some calm, quality time alone building — or share the fun with others. This set includes an island that can be split in half and rearranged. The shipwreck can also be dismantled and reassembled to make a ship inspired by the Black Seas Barracuda pirate ship LEGO model from Fan-tastic ideas! Inspired by real life, action heroes, iconic movies, popular TV series or totally original concepts, there are cool model kits for people of all ages.

Home Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay. Previous Slide Next Slide. Average rating4. Decrease Quantity. Limit 3. Add to Wishlist. Check Store Stock. Shop more like this: Adults Welcome Ideas Vehicles. Unlock a treasure chest of details. Protect or Plunder The cannon fires small cannonballs at any passing ships.

Buccaneer brothers Crew members Port and Starboard keep things ship-shape. Tavern tales Bottles of rum and tales of pirate gold never run dry. Island living Find surprises from buried statues to palm trees filled with coconuts.

Troubled waters Row a boat in shark-infested seas if you dare. The island can also be split in half and rearranged, revealing buried pirate treasure.

21322 pirates of barracuda bay

The set has 8 minifigures including Captain Redbeard, Lady Anchor, Robin Loot and twins Port and Starboard for pirate role-play action, plus a shark, pig, 2 parrots, 3 crabs, 2 frogs and 2 skeleton figures.I always intended to display this set as the shipwrecked island.

As such I love these sails. I hated the way the factory sails looked rolled up, but let down they obstruct the view of the set. These are the perfect go between. They're also a high quality cloth then the Lego ones so they don't wrinkle as easily. The brown caused by the Laser cut adds to the look, like the sails got singed in a fire.

LEGO Pirates of Barracuda Bay LEGO Ideas (21322)

Excellent set. Once built, it easily converts from the island shipwreck version very coolto the functioning pirate ship version outstanding. My year-old finished building the whole set by himself in about three days. We played an excellent round of Brikwars with the set after assembly.

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I love these sails. They make the whole set look more authentic. Couldn't be happier with this purchase. Great price, showed up quick. I wanted something to keep my 12 year old son away from his cell phone after he finish his virtual school. This set keeps him busy!

This set includes an island that can be split in half and rearranged. Inspired by real life, action heroes, iconic movies, popular TV series or totally original concepts, there are cool model kits for people of all ages.

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Enjoy some calm, quality time alone building — or share the fun with others. Rebuild into a classic Discover the captain's cabin, food store, kitchen, bedrooms, supply dock, farm, toilet, jail cell, tavern and hidden treasure, plus lots of fun accessories, 8 pirate minifigures, assorted animal figures and 2 skeleton figures to inspire action-packed stories. The shipwreck can also be dismantled and reassembled to make a ship inspired by the Black Seas Barracuda pirate ship LEGO model from Fan-tastic ideas!

Perfectly Shipwrecked I always intended to display this set as the shipwrecked island. Awesome convertible set - pirate ship or shipwreck village Excellent set. Cool sails for my barracuda bay I love these sails. Good alternative to screen time! Lego Hogwarts Clock Tower 5.They didn't talk about the thing I'm most interested in - how did they arrive at the decision to make a modular ship that is embedded in the model? As the model was always supposed to be built from the wreck of a ship, perhaps it was just the obvious thing to do?

Check out Beyond the Brick on YouTube. They also interviewed them and I think that was discussed although I admit I haven't yet watched it. Thanks for doing this interview! It's really clear that this was a labour of love from all involved, and I think the final set reflects that wonderfully! It's also very interesting to see the development of the model over time - I initially thought that this set was very different from the IDEAS submission, but seeing how it has changed, I now realise it's actually very close indeed - but the changes that have been made are all improvements in my opinion!

The biggest change is probably the colour scheme, but it certainly makes the set feel more 'LEGO' and less like an MOC, so in my opinion it was a very good decision. I can see why some people are upset though, but I'm glad this has turned out the way it has!

I honestly believe there is a lot of realism in the chosen colours. But yes, a big change from the fan design. It was great seeing the evolution of the design from the Ideas concept to the final product. For those that would rather see it more organic and brown without the yellow, white and black, there is nothing to stop people from modding it to those color schemes. It would be interesting to see people change it to their liking.

21322 pirates of barracuda bay

I for one would like to see people taking this final product design and see others take it and running wild with it. What riles me is though, ships were painted in bright colours so not sure why there are comments elsewhere complaining about the yellow and red. Such a lovely interview, and fascinating to see the evolution of the design.

But I remember seeing the Pirates stuff in Lego Club magazines and my friend had one of the ships. I too really hope this paves the way for more 'Classic Ideas' sets! I really hope it will! And for this exclusive interview they've also shared the seven prototypes showing the model's development!Of all the sets that I owned, most of them were from that swashbuckling theme. I was fully into my dark ages during the resurgence of the theme ina fact that I deeply regret.

Getting a pre-release copy of this new set was beyond exciting for me. I was giddy like a kid at Christmas. Now, I have the distinct pleasure of sharing my thoughts on the set with you. However, the provision of products does not guarantee a favorable review.

I will use my usual rating system click here to learn more and provide my honest opinion. Additionally, the set contains 2, bricks. There are two variations of the build. The main one depicted on the box is a shipwreck-turned-island-hideaway. That took me nine hours and thirteen minutes to build. However, the shipwreck converts into an actual pirate ship as well. That conversion added 37 minutes of build time.

In total, I spent nine hours and fifty minutes putting this set together. To summarize the build for this set in one word: EPIC.

You learn a lot by following the page manual. Everything joins in clever fashion. Additionally, there are some amazing build techniques used to achieve the rounded shape of the hull and the tapered stern. As a fan of the original Pirate theme, one of my favorite side-builds here was the Islanders totem head that appears partially buried in the sand.

The piece is simple to build but achieves great effect. The whole set-up has barrels, hidden treasure, and accessories galore around every corner. There is not a nook of this build that does not have some interesting detail tucked into it. Additionally, everything re-arranges in order to become a full pirate ship. In ship form, all the dilapidated mini builds pull off. Additional sails go up, while crates and barrels of supplies get on-boarded.

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LEGO Barracuda Bay (21322) Commercial - Heartwarming

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